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Video takes the visual identity of your business to another level

Video has become the standard in marketing. It is the most effective method of getting your message to the customer/client swiftly and effectively. Without video in your arsenal of marketing collateral, you may be missing an opportunity to build greater influence in front of your audience.

Social Media Video/Animation

We are now bombarded with content via social channels, and scrolling through videos is a common part of our time on social media channels.

Elan Marketing provides a comprehensive service, creating video and animated content that promotes and engages with your audience. We can effectively do this for social posts on a daily basis, or we can focus on using video and animation for your social advertising.

Website Hero Video

This is a specific piece of video that sits on the home page header section of your website. It is the perfect place to very quickly inform your visitor of what you can offer to them. You can explain how using your products or services can benefit the visitor and why they should explore your website further. It is an extremely powerful introduction to a website.

All of the websites we build include a Hero video, as we know just how important this asset is to a business. The website visitor stats proves the point every time.

Product/Service focused video

This is a very wide area of videography, whereby you might require a video to demonstrate how a product works or detail the virtues of the services you provide.

At Elan, we can work with you to get the very best from video content to advertise your products and services. With our animation skills, we can create explainer-style video content to ensure the end user fully appreciates what is on offer.

Corporate Video

A Corporate Video is our explanation for a piece of video that requires professional recording initially. So this could be recording at an event, or visiting your premises to record specific content relating to the requirements of the end product, or video piece.

Invariably, the process for any Corporate Style video is to create a script and visual identity of what the end product is going to contain. We can help you build that script, commission a high-quality videographer and then piece together the final video, inclusive of any other content and animation.

Example of videos we have created