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Swing high, swing low, sweet SEO, how high can you go?

You’ve probably heard the term SEO before but if you’re not familiar with how websites work, you might not know what it stands for or just how beneficial it is for your business.

 What is SEO?

SEO, meaning Search Engine Optimisation, are the steps used to encourage Google to rank a website or a webpage at the top of its search results, resulting in your website reaching more customers.

With any website, once your webpages are live, Google crawls through it. It’s essentially looking for relevant information which allows it to identify how important your website will be to its users. If your website is properly optimised, you will appear higher in the ranking. The goal is to appear on page one of Google, preferably in the top five positions, without having to pay to do so.

What type of businesses most benefit from SEO?

Potentially, all businesses can benefit from a high-ranking website. However, many businesses gain enquiries in a reactionary manor; when someone needs what they sell, invariably the first place they go to is Google.

Typically, plumbers, electricians and other service-based businesses that provide a form of an emergency service are companies that require high ranking of their website. It’s also beneficial for e-commerce sites to rank high, especially if they sell common items that can be found on a lot of online stores.

If you are in a highly competitive market, ranking above your competitors gives you the advantage, especially if you’re a new business still building your reputation. Indeed, without a more extensive marketing plan using other mediums, a new business that relies on ranking high will be unfortunately a business that is doomed to failure.

 How can SEO benefit your business?

First and foremost, SEO can generate more enquiries to your business. This is done through brand building and in search terms, high ranking is a method of brand building.  The more the prospective customer views your website and sees your brand name when searching for the services and products you provide, the greater the opportunity you have for them to click onto your site.

It comes down to building recognition from the widest audience. SEO or achieving high ranking does that perfectly. If you are looking for a way to increase your engagement digitally, SEO is an important steppingstone to generating new and profitable leads for your business.

 What is brand awareness and why is it so important?

Consciously and subconsciously, we as individuals are accumulating knowledge continually. The more your brand becomes part of that information intake the greater the opportunity to convert that information into tangible enquiries.


Important things to consider when optimising your website


Keywords are like the building blocks of SEO, without them it would be a non-starter. As such, the first step is to find out what platforms your competitors use to find their keywords and perform competitor keyword research. This research can then guide your own SEO marketing strategy.

The biggest mistake is to assume what people search for. Doing some research into what people search for can benefit your website massively and you end up with keyword rich SEO content that generates traffic when it impacts on the ranking positions of your website           .


The main benefit of keeping your content consistent and up-to-date is Google finds out the most about you through your content. For example, Google may see the keyword ‘website design’ within your post or page and rank you for this term. This in turn will help you reach the right target audience to further grow your client base.

Headers and Meta Descriptions

Headers and descriptions are important for two reasons, the first is that it increases your SEO score; the second is that they are the first thing a searcher views before clicking on your website. This means you will need an attention-grabbing header and description to improve your click-through rate, also known as CTR.


Including links within your SEO builds trust with Google because it pays attention to how your site is interacting with other pages on your website and other websites. Another benefit of links is the signal they send to Google to help the search engine better understand your content.

 How do you achieve maximum optimisation?

 Google is a very advanced search engine which can affect how your SEO performs, if it is not completed correctly, Google won’t rank your site as it won’t view you as a valuable business. If you haven’t learnt the ins and outs of SEO you may need to outsource your work to a reliable and reputable SEO expert.

Content is king in the world of marketing and without it your customer retention and reach can significantly drop over time. Regularly updating your website with blogs and other sources of content, and making sure you optimise your pre-existing and new content, will ensure your business ranks on all the major search engines consistently.

SEO isn’t a one-off job if done properly. As an MD or marketing manager, you might have the skills but not the time, or the time but not the skills. This is when you should consider outsourcing your SEO work with an agency that does. This will ensure your website is fully optimised ready to hit page one!

How can Élan Marketing help with your SEO?

Êlan Marketing have provided search engine optimisation services since the days of dial up. We can provide a full comprehensive SEO package including competitor research, content creation, monthly updates, and full initial website review and overhaul of current SEO to get you ranking on Google.

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