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The explosion in social media and the mass marketing opportunities that this has brought to the table over the past few years are there for all to see through this ubiquitous and cost effective method of marketing.

Various social media platforms have joined the market in this time adding to the already established players of Facebook, Bebo, MySpace, LinkedIn, with more tailored and industry specific solutions. The figures on users, and therefore opportunities to see, are staggering but beware – like all marketing disciplines, social media has its place but not everywhere – not all businesses are suited to this medium and many hours can be wasted on campaigning that simply isn’t going anywhere.

Social Media campaigning that makes sense

Consistency is key and there are a number of fundamental rules that apply in this specialist market – as a relatively new and rapidly evolving medium, everyone has their opinion. One thing is for sure, each of the networks has their own individual merits from an audience reach perspective and content must play to the strengths of each. As with all good campaigning, integration can boost ROI massively and it’s important to use any marketing and advertising tools that any of the individual sites offer you.

These can be very cost effective and are currently under used by marketeers – especially in business to business environments. Multiple channels offer multiple outlet opportunities – specifically in relation to product based consumer marketing, for example where search competition can be high and opportunities to see at normal levels, almost impossible without significant investment in your search strategy.

Social Media and Online PR, spreading the net wider and faster

The increased use of social media has allowed many organisations to benefit from the quick and instant access that it gives to any potential target market. Information and offers can reach thousands of people in a matter of seconds. The trend for referral and viral marketing has been a big driver in the rise of social networking sites and their power to give the user ultimate choice of information consumed by them.

Online PR can also offer an ideal opportunity to feed into popular resources such as Google News, PR Log and PR Net. Journalists and publications scan these resources all the time for new stories and interesting industry news and as well as strengthening and increasing brand awareness and driving traffic to your site online, offline PR opportunities may arise as a result and further return on investment gained.

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