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Marketing consultancy and planning is crucial to the success of any campaign, regardless of its size. It is essential of course that you, your organisation and your marketing have a clear and concise message but this has no relevance unless the message is disseminated on a consistent and timetabled basis, ensuring that you hit all of your target markets, some, if not all of the time through different media approaches.

FACT: Scattergun marketing gets scattergun results, our approach is to prevent ad hoc marketing and maintain consistency in all areas of marketing.

The use of an integrated marketing approach requires careful planning to ensure all the messages come together at a given point, creating maximum exposure for your brand and offering. Our marketing consultancy services can be taken as a one off service providing ad hoc advice on all aspects of internal and external marketing communications strategies or projects. However, to get the absolute best out of our consultancy services, many clients choose to retain our consultants for monthly or quarterly meetings which aim to review, improve and build on existing marketing plans and activities that may have been drawn up by us or the client.

Marketing Consultants

Many companies are increasingly turning to outside agencies to provide the full complement of marketing services or supplement their existing in-house teams. A fast paced and constantly changing discipline, marketing has been revolutionised and become more accessible through phenomenal growth in sectors such as online and outdoor advertising, which are using increasingly innovative and hi-tech methods to capture clients. Our team are up to date with the latest marketing methods and our in-house expertise, production facilities and industry connections mean we are able to explore all media innovations (old and new) to find the most cost effective media types for our clients.

We work very closely with our clients to provide unrivalled service levels in terms of scope and knowledge. As an integrated marketing services company, our specific skills include Marketing Consultancy & Planning, Design Consultancy & Services and a full Production Management service. Our primary objective with any client is to develop a good understanding of their business and marketplace, building long term successful relationships that breed success through highly creative marketing initiatives. Our regional location and flexibility means we are able to offer a cost effective alternative to an in-house marketing function or bolt on to your existing marketing effort. We promise to deliver a proactive partnership that gets results, analyses and understands where these have come from and builds upon those successes

Marketing Agency and Implementation Services

As part of our marketing consultancy and planning services, we can produce short, medium and long-term marketing strategies and plans tailored to your suit your budget and reflect your growth plans. If you already have a marketing plan that is gathering dust and could do with an update and refresh, we guarantee fresh input and ideas as part of our commitment to combining the best of traditional and the latest marketing techniques. Working with you to understand your business, its environment and the potential targets, we translate this into real results that improve ROI in marketing spend time after time.

Our advice would typically involve extensive research and analysis of your business and potential target markets, media suggestions, timetabling of events, budget and action plans for all parties to work to. If you choose to retain us then regular reviews and updates of your plan would be included in our fee. Our track record in the delivery of effective marketing consultancy and planning is unrivalled locally – we add value to your processes by working with you to manage and deliver results that work time after time. For more information on how we have helped businesses to grow click here, view our portfolio or send us a brief and we’ll get back to you on how we can help and guide you to increased sales and awareness.

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