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Implementing a strategy for SEO and Google Ads together is highly effective. We provide a cost-effective package that enables our clients to get the best from Google search results.

SEO for Success

Many business owners still think that achieving a top ranking on search engines is reserved for the privileged few or large corporations with big online marketing budgets – this just isn’t the case. Any business employing the services of an internet marketing professional can achieve everything they desire from online marketing within a very affordable budget.

Many websites still going live today (90% or more) aren’t fully search engine compliant, and compliancy is the key to online success. At Elan, it is our mission to build every website in a search engine compliant manner, and provide the client with a website that firstly has the ability to achieve page one position, and, when it does, it stays at the top. Many existing sites languishing on page three to infinity are only there because the website owner doesn’t have the right strategy in place.

Google Ads Campaigning

At Elan Marketing we management many £thousands spend for our clients. We can help our clients build a strong, comprehensive and highly-targeted campaign to target and influence prospective customers to engage.

The strength of Google Ads comes in the monitoring of performance, whereby you can quickly establish conversion rates and monitise your spend in the form of a return on your investment.

Building strong campaigns and the continual process of optimisation, following industry trends and building effective campaigns that promote a business is very much part of our ethos. Continuous monitoring and examination of performance will generate more and more leads for a business.

Is your website search engine compliant?

The guys who were very good at cheating the system are now the most knowledgeable search engine compliancy professionals, and many of these are the ‘golden egg’ when it comes to achieving high ranking on Google and other popular search engines.

The service we provide at Elan is to build fully search engine compliant websites. The next stage is to agree an online strategy to not only make sure your SEO compliant website achieves page one presence, but also maintains that presence and stays in front, or more to the point on top, of the competition.

March 3, 2022

Elan has helped us Create New Websites for our Charity Garden Shows , and has come up with great inventive ideas to give us great websites which will replace our old and tired sites we had before. We hope this will help us to have great Visitors numbers to our shows next summer. We look forward to raising over £100,000 next summer for the various charities we support including ABF the Soldiers Charity, Canine Partners, Rotary Club Charities, Red Cross and lots more.
Mark and his team are also going to help us with various other Design Work for our shows.

– National Garden Shows