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Brand association SEO, do you know what it is and how powerful it can be for your business?

Leveraging your ranking by thinking outside of the box is something we marketers think about all the time. SEO isn’t just about adopting the right keywords in the right locations, or those keywords you think your searchers are looking for, it is about leveraging on the back of your associated brands as well. It’s about appearing on Google alongside those brands that your customers are looking for and engaging with regularly.

So how does it work?

This can be demonstrated using a case study of an existing client.

To protect the client identity, and explain the process adopted for generating more enquiries for their business, and to restrict their competitors from adopting the same, I am going to be rather cagey about their business model and the brands they want to be associated with. I would love to example it perfectly with screen grabs and names, but it certainly wouldn’t be appropriate to do so.

One of our clients works in a particular market where their clients are regularly searching for and visiting websites our client has a direct association with. The client provides a service that the associated brands don’t offer, so their service is the next stage from what these brands offer. Those who purchase from these brands need our client’s service to complete their purchase and take delivery.

For this reason, we wanted to build relevance around that brand (indeed many brands) on our client’s website. To understand this process is to look at your website. For example, if you have case studies on your website that mention your client’s name, carry out a search on your clients’ name. Invariably, if your website is ‘SEO’d’ properly, your website appears when anyone searches for your client’s website by using their business name. Try it, it works, and it is kind of obvious in the algorithmic world of SEO and the search engines desire to deliver relevant search results.

Why not get a little bit obvious about it and don’t leave it to chance?

In the case of our client who has this direct association with the brands it looks to appear alongside, we have created hidden landing pages. These appear on search but cannot be visited via website links – they are just in the webspace. The landing pages are highly optimised for the associated brand’s name and the extended service being offered by the client. The title bar (first element of a Google listing), the keyword-rich URL (second element) and Meta Description all contain the brand name and service on offer. Indeed, the title bar asks the question, do you need this extended service we are offering, the one that the associated brands don’t offer and indeed, regularly recommend our client to perform?

‘How convenient, we have just instilled a search result that does the very same.’

So, you are now the searcher. You have purchased from the associated brand and directly underneath the brand’s listing on Google is another listing that tells you that you can provide this additional service, a service the searcher most definitely needs to receive their goods.

‘Powerful? It most definitely is. Indeed, we know from experience and in the guise of aggregating marginal gains for more enquires, it works beautifully.’

Don’t think it is powerful?

Let’s put this in context and the very best way of implementing this is to analyse the anticipated and calculated monetary value of this SEO work. With this client, we are targeting over 100 of these brand associations, and we anticipate a minimum of a third to be successful in ranking high on Google.

With the size of the market and the convenience we have provided by following this SEO tactic, we have estimated each listing can provide an additional 5-10 enquiries per day. We are seeing evidence of this with early ranking. So, let’s be pessimistic and say it generates 6 enquiries on average per listing. The client has an approximate 50% conversion rate, so, three enquiries per day turn into orders. ‘Their sales processes are very effective.’

The average order value is approximately £200. So, that equates to £600 additional revenue per day, or annually based on a 5-day working week, an additional £156,000 turnover. Based on our clients last year’s turnover of around £400,000, that is a 39% uplift. Not bad for a few days of work and a bit of ongoing monthly SEO.

Brand positioning and association is an SEO ditty that very few businesses consider when optimizing their website for more traffic to leverage greater enquiry numbers. It is true to say it isn’t always appropriate for some and depends on your business model. I hope this little suggested injection of search engine relevance can help you in the ‘search’ for new business enquiries!

Mark Fiddes
MD – Elan Marketing

03 Feb 2022


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