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– Leo Burnett

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This really is a problem for a great many SME’s and we all too often come across clients who waste their hard earned cash and marketing budgets on ineffective media campaigns that attract little or no return on investment. Advertising has its place in the marketing mix but as with all communications should form a part of an integrated solution that raises awareness and creates the all-important desire in your product and brand.

We are serious about spending your money effectively and can handle campaigns under £50k per year through our in-house planning and buying department. For those campaigns in excess of £50k, we have a number of media buying partners who are able to purchase multiple slots gaining excellent discounts through bulk purchase. Despite the rise in popularity of online & e-marketing as an alternative to traditional media types, print advertising still very much has its place and certain markets still thrive on well-executed and highly creative advertising campaigns.

Advertising is a key catalyst in the brand awareness process and offers more opportunity to see than many other mediums.

Successful advertising consultancies must understand key targets and make savvy media buying decisions on behalf of their clients to improve return on investment from spend. Very often individual ads can be expensive and a whole campaign can blow a considerable budget extremely quickly. It is important to make sure that campaigns are integrated with, and supported by, other marketing media, that the publications are appropriate, your creative has a strong presence with effective copy and calls to action in place.

Our track record in the delivery of effective media buying is matched with strong and effective messages and has proved very successful for a number of our clients. Many have experienced two and threefold increases in their enquiry and booking levels following a refresh and review of their media planning, advertising creative and spend. For more information view our portfolio or send us a brief and we’ll get back to you on how we can inject a breath of fresh air into your approach.

Part of our role as an outsourced marketing department is to continually create attractive and influential pro active marketing techniques and campaigns that drives that traffic towards you. We never stop being creative for our clients, and we cannot afford not to be. As soon the marketing message becomes insignificant, results reflect the same, so our role is to continually look at leverage the brand and the messages of the company to create a results based process around clients marketing.


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