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Elcomponent - Case Study

Elcomponent is one of our longest standing clients. We have designed huge amounts of digital media, brochures, email marketing campaigns, and managed their social media accounts…

Elcomponent as a client are almost as old as Elan, and one of our earliest and certainly longest standing client. The company specializes in energy management and indeed a market leader in the UK and across Europe. They provide tangible solutions to monitor and empower large businesses to understand their energy usage, and ultimately save costs in the long-term. Using either fixed metering solutions alongside highly technical marketing leading software or the no.1 UK brand for data logging, SPC Loggers, Elcomponent expertise is certainly second to none in the UK.


Elcomponent first came to us through recommendation. They were at the time having some videography produced for their product demonstrations, and Martin Janes the videographer who we knew from old introduced us as an option for the companies digital and traditional marketing.

Our very first project was quite a substantial one, and we designed and built the new Elcomponent and SPC Loggers websites. These were extensive and highly technical builds, and introduced a strong overseas presence for the European market, taking the websites into various languages.

Continued relationship

The relationship with Elcomponent continues today, and Elan Marketing has produced an abundance of marketing collateral, which includes 2nd and 3rd generation upgrades to the websites, company brochures, advertising and social media management. We have also designed the look and feel of the incredible Realtime software which enables large businesses to demonstrate their energy usage on reception screens, further demonstration of their own corporate social responsibility commitment.

"Elan have been our chosen marketing company for 10 years, and really know our business and marketing needs very well. I cannot praise their diligence, skills and knowledge high enough, and they have been instrumental in raising the profile of Elcomponent."