TopGolf is purely a Social Media client, but this has meant building a brand across social media to 10s of thousands of followers, which has had a major impact on the foot fall to the TopGolf centres…



Probably one of the huge success stories of the last decade, the innovation of Topgolf has become a global brand. From its initial beginnings in the suburbs of Surrey, Watford and Chigwell, Topgolf can now boast about the incredible success of its brand globally, and especially in the US with a new £multi-million centre opening every month. The growth of Topgolf has certainly been phenomenal and to be a part of this has been incredibly exciting and rewarding for Elan Marketing.

If you don’t play golf, you will if you visit a Topgolf centre in the UK, most of the visitors don’t hit a small round ball around the nations beautiful courses, but they will hit that white ball with its chip inside and a fairway of targets set out in front of them. The game is played by people of all ages, celebrities, footballers, pop stars and all of those people who are checking in and tweeting their attendance at one of the world’s Topgolf centres.

Elan introduction

Tweeting is where Elan Marketing comes in, and I think we can boast that we were one of the early social media management companies in the region, certainly one of the early adopters who were looking to utilise the power of social media for consumer marketing. For the past six years, Elan has been writing, sharing, retweeting and conversing with a huge Topgolf audience, providing an ongoing hourly presence for this superb brand in the social sphere.

TopGolf success

Digital marketing has certainly helped businesses to understand their return on investment, but like all marketing, nothing is 100% concrete when trying to evaluate the impact on the business from one medium. However, Topgolf has seen huge brand growth over the past six years, with its brand spreading far and wide across the social sphere, and this has been part of the huge increase in footfall to their three UK centres during this time.

Elan works with over 30 businesses looking after the management of their social media platforms. We are extremely well versed at maintaining and building a social presence.

As in integral part of the UK’s marketing team, we are very proud to work on such a brilliant account, which hasn’t just been enjoyable, it has also been highly educational for our social teams in learning how to utilise these wonderful platforms to grow businesses. Everything happens on a TG timeline, and for seven days a week and almost 12 hours every day, we are monitoring and corresponding with the timelines.

Trusting a company with the huge responsibility of real time engagement to tens of thousands of followers on social media is very important. Elan have run our social media accounts communicating with our customers on all social channels brilliantly. Their knowledge and expertise is of the highest quality.