Stuart Allan

For Stuart Allan we have produced design works for every conceivable media type, from animation through to producing a complete brochure of services…


Stuart Allan has a very long history in business launching Indulgence Patisserie some 28 years ago, growing it to a £10m international organization, and then successfully selling the business to launch a new career in Business Coaching. A lifestyle change for Stuart, and now only a few years on, Stuart is recognized as one of the most accomplished coaches in the country, working with owners of small to large businesses to make changes that will impact on the profitability and success of their own business.

Introduction by chance

Mark Fiddes, Elan Marketing’s MD met Stuart by chance at a local business event. Stuart was pretty much in the infancy of his career in business coaching, and Mark Fiddes was exploring Elan’s personal branding strategies for various clients.

Personal branding strategy

This certainly was a timely connection, and the strategies Elan were putting together fitted perfectly with the growth plans of Stuart. Stuart is an accomplished, forthright entrepreneur, and demonstrated this perfectly when the opportunity arose to become one of the region’s most successful Growth Accelerator coaches, which utilized the government support programme, funding businesses that were forthright in their desire to grow.

Adopting a plan

The Stuart Allan brand was adopted to educate business owners on just how good Stuart is as a coach, which in turn can be backed up by Mark Fiddes who utilised Stuart’s coaching brilliance for his own business, which has ultimate led to Elan’s superb growth over the past 18 months.

The plan was to build the Stuart Allan brand far and wide, and through digital marketing techniques, backed up by a strong brand and portfolio of marketing collateral, this has seen Stuart’s profile being promoted to many thousands of business owners right across the UK. A continual stream of new business owners searching out Stuart’s services and skills, and a diverse range of businesses having benefitted from Stuart’s business wisdom.

An unusual plan

The Stuart Allan branding project was quite unique with Elan Marketing historically specialising in building business and product brands. To build the Stuart Allan personal brand is a continuous process, and fortunately our highly experienced digital team who are well-versed at building social profiles have been able to communicate to the business community, sharing Stuart’s ethics, ideas and wisdom with humility and professionalism.

I have encountered numerous marketing agencies during my thirty years in business and Mark’s has been the only one that has actually delivered on their commercial promises. In light of my experiences I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mark and his teams services.