RJN Chemicals

RJN Chemicals have been hugely successful in the commercial cleaning market, and Elan have worked with them producing traditional and digital media creative work…



RJN Chemicals created a new way of thinking within the cleaning industry with its powdered multi-purpose cleaning product FreshClean. Traditionally cleaning chemicals had come in the form of a liquid based agent that was mixed with water, or used neat dependent on the mix of the particular product. Powdered chemical cleaning agents were the next stage in technology, providing an even more concentrated form, and enabling the commercial user to get the maximum quantities of effective cleaner from the least amount of cost.


RJN Chemicals came to Elan back in 2007, looking for a method to boost sales and exposure around their FreshClean brand. The brand had already seen some significant gains in the market, being used by some of the largest companies in the commercial cleaning and facilities management sector. However, it was time the brand was exploited further, and awareness created around the product for this £billion market place.

The company was experiencing a strong level of growth, but the cost benefits of the product (i.e. the ability to fill a 1 litre trigger spray for less than 5 pence) weren’t obvious – if they had been, every facilities management and cleaning company would be testing the product at the very least.


Following a long period of consultation and planning, Elan’s creative team recommended the product was in need of a new brand and look and feel. Interestingly, the commercial market branding was pretty poor, and the adoption of a consumer style brand was non-existent. We felt a brand and product that was so different from the rest, needed to stand out as an identity and not just a product. Taking the consumer route enabled much greater exposure around the product and its benefits. The multiples shelf like appeal made the brand really stand out.

Recent History

Some 8 years later FreshClean is now a household name in the commercial cleaning sector. Its portfolio of clients has expanded enormously, and turned RJN Chemicals into a £multi-million operation, rolling Freshclean and sister products (based on the powder principle) out across Europe, winning large contracts in the UK and beyond.

The product was also very successfully featured on television.

We’ve worked with Elan exclusively for 6 years. Their creativity has changed the face of RJN immeasurably which has been a huge factor in our success