Nevada Bobs

Nevada Bobs is a social media and digital marketing client, part of our role was to emphasise the exceptional levels of customer service and expertise local golfers and customers would experience at the store.


Nevada Bobs Golf Store in Colchester is somewhat of an institution in North Essex and South Suffolk. The general public travel considerable distances to shop at this highly respected store, and the experience they receive with a dedicated and extremely knowledgeable sales force is arguably second to none in the region. The business retains the importance of a global brand extremely well, and those who play golf and have shopped at the store will fully understand the importance of this retailer within the local golfing community.

Introduction to Elan Marketing

A very straight forward enquiry was our introduction to Phil and his team, and although Phil did have a great deal of skepticism which was based on [by his own admittance] not understanding the strengths of social media and digital marketing. Phil understood the current Facebook page had a decent sized audience which had easily been gathered, and this quite clearly gave the business a platform from which to target a specific discerning golfing enthusiast. This awareness brought about the need of a professional social media management company to create more of a presence to a growing Facebook audience.

Our role in taking social media marketing forward

The first stage was to look at the potential audience, and Phil gave us some incredible insights into the size of the potential audience, and the state of golf supplies business in the UK. Golf, although still one of the most popular pastimes for sports enthusiasts, was seeing a demise in interest due to increase popularity in other sports like cycling. The middle aged man and woman seen hitting off the first tee at the local course had seen a migration towards the same demographic donning the lycra and peddling the roads of North Essex.

However, golf is still hugely popular and continues to grow with young people taking up this great sport every day. Our role was to attract an increasing audience (especially young golfers) and informing them of the location and opportunities around the store. Nevada Bobs Colchester online golf equipment sales had been steadily declining, but there was certainly an opportunity to exploit retail golf sales by encouraging a rise in footfall to the store.

Part of our role was to emphasise the exceptional levels of customer service and expertise local golfers and customers would experience at the store. We embarked on a social media strategy that would include strong viral content to create far reaching engagement, pulling in new likes and people willing to share that content. A continuous level of daily posts featuring sale items, specific products and offers, plus the superb Skytrak system along with a strong mix of viral content around the world of golf enabled us to create a much stronger level of engagement the page had ever experienced before.

Team effort

This particular account really demonstrates a collaborative team effort with Elan and the team at Nevada Bobs Colchester. A continuous flow of images and ideas around promotions has enabled us to collectively build the online presence with a recent further media intervention utilising email marketing to proactively engage with the businesses extensive data resources. We have by no means finished in what we all set out to do, but the business is now seeing record sales levels, and continuous to grow its footfall and experiencing a much stronger degree of young golfers visiting the store.

As Phil mentions in the wonderful testimonial he gave us, it has enabled the business to focus on a more targeted approach to marketing which has been excellent for the business.

In the 18 months we have been together the project has been excellent. With many more opportunities to explore I can only see it getting stronger and progressive.