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The new “must have in marketing”; the exhibition, events and experiential markets have seen dramatic growth over the past decade. It is important to remember that exhibitions in particular are rather unique and capturing a visitor’s attention in a busy exhibition full of competitors is down to pure and simple presentation. At Elan, we work with our clients to help them stand out from the crowd, providing innovative designs and production services for either off the shelf or bespoke built stands. We also offer event management services through carefully selected partners.


Experiential marketing is the buzzword you have to bring your brand messages to life through the use of all five senses and as competition at an exhibition is fierce, you must present the most professional and innovative face in the room to gain the much sought after attention of visitors and potential customers (they are after all captive…) This experience can be achieved in a number of ways and is all about employing the right mix of methods.

Being on neutral ground means that events and exhibitions are the perfect place to engage your audience in you and your product further and extend your marketing message to the spoken word, straight from the horse’s mouth and direct to the buyer; according to research 76% of attendees at your chosen exhibition will have buying power and they are giving you their time! As well as hitting the target in terms of audience reach, exhibitions, events and experiential can all provide a perfect platform for gathering of useful sales and marketing data, client entertainment, competitor research and even recruitment!


Experiential marketing, whether exhibition, event, management and implementation road show, stunts or samplings, provides an interactivity with your client that is unrivalled in other marketing disciplines and we work closely with their clients to deliver bespoke solutions for event marketing and full production management services allow you to take the hassle out of the organisation of the event and concentrate on the important job of selling.

We have successfully delivered many exhibition stands and materials on behalf of its clients. You can view our portfolio for exhibition solutions or send us a brief and we’ll get back to you on how we can really get you talking with your targets.


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