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Marketing planning

"Failing to plan, is the process of planning to fail"

One of the big mistakes made in marketing is the lack of any coherent strategy or plan. Imagine building a house without a plan, or designing a piece of software without a written functionality or project plan. It is incomprehensible to think of anything that is developed and evolves over time not to have some form of the initial strategy, with ongoing consideration of how to evolve the direction of that strategy as you build and nurture a business towards success.

Why are strategies important?

A marketing strategy is crucial for a business to survive as they will draw in new audience and keep your existing audience clicking, without one you may just look like an average company. Building a marketing strategy means your’e building the uniqueness within your brand and showcasing this through campaigning, ads and many more strategies. 

Strategy helps in developing products and services with a profit making potential. It also helps in discovering the areas affected by departmental growth and thus helps in creating an organizational plan to cater to the customer and their needs.


Gaining success is like winning a game of chess, complex and achievable

Every business is founded on passion and the drive to become successful. It is also the desire to win, with the winning reflecting the results achieved. To win, we need a strategy that represents a roadmap towards success, and very often we have to beat the competition and understand our pathway to success can be riddled with obstacles. 

In marketing and business terms, the game of Chess is a perfect analogy that we can all understanding perfectly. The complexity of the marketing process is where we come in. We can help our clients to decipher a road map and diversify that pathway based on what the results tell us. Marketing requires that initial strategy, and then ongoing analysis to ensure the pathway is continually clear and the winning posts are of many and continually rewarding.

understanding the strengths and weaknesses within your marketing offering

Every fledgling business, established business and indeed accomplished business have one thing in common. They all have extraordinary amounts of competition that ensure they can only gain a certain footholding or market share within the market sector in which we trade. Marketing success determines how much of that market share we can accumulate.

Understanding your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is an integral part of any marketing plan or strategy. Without this insight, a business will flounder and miss important opportunities to gain that all-important desired market share.