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Designing a brand that works!

Far too often a brand is interpreted or confused as purely a logo design, when in fact a brand relates to all forms of presentation used to represent  a business, service or product. The logo is part of that overall brand presentation. However, the logo should be a very considered and meticulously thought out part of the branding. A poor logo sends the wrong message to a potential buyer or prospect, and over the course of time will become a detriment to a businesses success. 

Market analysis and branding

When choosing the look and feel of a brand, the process requires an appreciation of various attributes that influence how that identity should be designed. These include:

Competitor analysis to discover and analyse successful traits

Brand positioning, deciphering where your brand sits within the market

The individual market in relation to buyer expectations

Every branding exercise needs to be a considered process, and the outcome should be an identity that reflects the goals of the company, service or product and relates to the prospective buyer to influence positive purchasing decisions.

Website branding

Company branding

We can work with you to create a brand and identity that is representative of your business in your market place. We can help to influence the values within your brand offering by building effective brand extensions.

Product branding

If you are launching a new product into a given marketplace, we can help you to decipher the identifying values of your product in the brand designs. A design that will appeal to your prospective buyers.

logo design

Service branding

Service branding is crucial to ensuring your service can stand tall in the face of competition. We can help you present that service effectively and gain further market share for your services.


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