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E-commerce and building a platform for sales maximisation

The online world is now riddled with competitors, so how are you going to take some of that market share?

E-commerce websites are now in abundance, with still the mass migration from the high street to the world of online purchasing yet to play out in its entirety. So, this provides opportunities for incoming competition to take some of that market share. Making sure you have the right website and the tools to do so is a complex process and requires a great deal of understanding when turning an ambitious project into a success story. We can help to achieve this through years of building high-quality e-commerce websites and providing the tools that ensure the success.

the E-commerce Toolkit

E-commerce Websites

We design high quality, functional and attractive websites that focus on making sure you can maximise the level of visits to become completed sales. Using innovative module based software, the latest platforms and the most effective visitor journey strategies, we can help your website perform in front of a willing audience.

The Online Shop

Online shopping habits change or evolve with the technology. Working with Elan ensures your website is challenging the status quo and competing with the stiffest of competition by utilising technology, technique and aesthetics to attract buyers to make considered purchases, returning time and time again because your shop is bookmarked as their favourite.

Search Engine Optimisation

Reactive search, or appearing in search results (SERPS) is an integral part of any online marketing strategy. The higher up the search engines you are for all of the possible search terms that lead to a sale is the common denominator in the world of e-commerce. Elan are SEO experts, and can help drive a strategy that firstly makes perfect sense, and secondly, it continually gains results as a website becomes more authoritative and relevant.

Google Ads

The creation of Google ads that become an effective tool to drive willing buyers is not for the faint hearted. It is a complex process that requires daily intervention, testing and monitoring to achieve the very best return on investment. Understanding the potential and acting upon it effectively can make a huge difference to an e-commerce business success.

Email marketing

Building brand loyalty is a major part of online e-commerce success. If you can encourage every customer to come back twice as much as they have done, your turnover effectively doubles. Email marketing is the major contributor to drawing back customers and building that necessary brand loyalty!

Is your website mobile friendly?

The biggest change in recent years is our transition from the desktop to the device. Now, 75% of purchases are made via a mobile or tablet, so your website has to be mobile friendly to maximise the opportunity for a sale.

It is safe to say, when building an e-commerce online store, you are now building or creating an infrastructure that works independently, depending on the device that is being used. 

Research has demonstrated that we are less diligent in our time on a mobile device, and require a fast and effective route to the thank you for your purchase page. We need that quick and effective purchasing process.