“The difference between e-marketing being identified as an art or a science… is based on the impact that the elements of the design have…
Jeanniey Mullen


Digital Marketing

When considering e-marketing as part of an integrated approach, it is essential not to get carried away with the potential reach of this method (globally, around four billion e-mail messages are sent daily!). You also need to consider the suitability of this medium to your target audience – how many construction site managers do you see sitting at desks reading their email? It should also not ignore the fundamental rule of direct marketing – that it is personal and should be targeted, catching the target at their most receptive.


Online Marketing

As a “push” marketing tool offering targeted messages that are sent directly to selected customers or prospects and upon reaching the inbox cannot be ignored, e-marketing can be very effective. Don’t forget that the message header must be read – even if the user deletes your email without opening it. Email marketing is immediate, targeted, and measurable and is relatively cheap but is not without its problems if not well executed. Being able to manage, getting the creative right, response rates and privacy are the primary considerations and our approach to effective solutions for your e-mail marketing seeks to minimise or eliminate these.


Email Marketing

Much like the rest of our services, email marketing solutions are sourced and recommended based on the client’s need – the resources available are very different in many ways and to maximize your ROI, we do not have a one size fits all in-house software programme but instead look to provide the most cost effective solution for that client at that particular moment.


PPC Campaigning

It is also important to remember that e-marketing doesn’t just stop at email marketing and there are a number of online marketing tools that are available to increase your online exposure. Our colleagues at Be Smart Media have been selected to look after PPC Campaigning, but links and directory listings, banner advertising, viral campaigns and mobile marketing are all equally viable and cost effective methods of promoting a presence, internet based or otherwise.