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Creative thinking

The key to success in marketing comes down to three very simple activities. The strength of the creativity, strength of targeting and consistency of delivery. Businesses can fall down in one or indeed all three areas, and it is not uncommon to see mixed representations of the brand with poor execution of design work, a blanket and rather non-strategic approach to marketing, and of course irregular delivery, or very often absent delivery of any form of marketing.

Our methods in how we work with clients are very strategic, and unless we have a concise plan that has been deliberated and researched, we certainly would look to start the marketing process, so creative thinking and looking at methods of delivery are the essentially ingredient when embarking on the creation of a marketing strategy. What messages and emotional selling points do we need to display to create a buy in process. Creating thinking starts from day one!

Creative implementation

Once you have a strategy, and understand the direction your creative needs to take, you then need to becreative in how what you are going to deliver. Design of your marketing collateral, how it needs to present itself and what it needs to say to your audience. What is it trying to achieve, and what are the anticipated results

of producing your asset based collateral. It is OK to have a great website or brochure that is beautifully designed, but the power of influence is how that collateral hooks in the recipients, how it engages with them, and ticks all of the boxes in the decision-making process.

At Elan we not only have a talented team of designers, they are also talented marketers. It is not just about great design, it is producing great design that gets results.

Ongoing marketing and continuous creativity

The proactive marketing process, which could consist of social media, email marketing, advertising, direct mail and all forms of appropriate push marketing techniques are adopted to drive traffic to your brand, in most cases your website.

Part of our role as an outsourced marketing department is to continually create attractive and influential pro active marketing techniques and campaigns that drives that traffic towards you. We never stop being creative for our clients, and we cannot afford not to be. As soon the marketing message becomes insignificant, results reflect the same, so our role is to continually look at leverage the brand and the messages of the company to create a results based process around clients marketing.