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What is brand positioning?

Brand positioning refers to a strategy that places your brand in the minds of your potential and exiting customers. Strategically speaking, to find your existing customers you will need to segment them into groups and push out content that each group is interested in. For example, if you we’re selling a computer, you will need to find the customers that search for ‘computers for sale’ and strategically place your campaigns and ads etc. within those search terms. In turn, this will create recognition around your brand and encourage the wider audience to use or buy your services/products.

Identify target customers






How the brain interprets brands and choice!

Rational choice theory, or the interpretation of economic and social behaviour tells us that consumers or buyers are rational individuals who make choices after considering all the available information, costs, benefits and even probabilities. We all use the rational part of our brain, the Neocortex to analyse our choices, but this is only part of the process. Decisions are far from being a mechanical process or SWOT analysis.

We also make emotional decisions that can feel irrational after the event. Where the process gets interesting is the understanding of the decision making. A combination of rational behaviour that is influenced by our emotions and desire. When we are making a choice between two products, two service offerings, or two companies, we are rationalising our decisions whilst being influenced by the presentation of those two offerings. We are most definitely emotionally engaged as well. We all use a subconscious or conscious mental tick box that deciphers choice and our final decisions, all governed by natural human behaviour. Personality traits very much dictate the degree of rationality or emotion we input into making that final decision. 


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