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Be consistent, creative and integrate your marketing activity with your sales!

Marketing can be a grey area for most business owners, and creating consistency within your marketing activity is probably the key underlying denominator to building success. Having been a marketer advising businesses for over 30 years, and gaining huge experience across most sectors and business types, when I look at a new clients historical marketing activity it very often highlights a number of areas where marketing fails to deliver; lack of consistency is the no.1 reason and far too common. If you aren’t consistent, and continue to hope for tangible positive results, you will most probably be disappointed and become disillusioned with marketing as a business activity that demands your time. The reality is every business has to market itself effectively to survive in an increasingly busy and competitive world, and the problem is never with the process, it’s always the delivery. Marketing never fails if you do it properly.

I often see fantastic businesses that have been successful because of the quality of their work which creates recommendations continually. Being recommended is still the best type of new business, but doesn’t guarantee longevity when marketing forces negatively impact on market conditions. Less business in any sector means you have fight harder to be noticed, and businesses that utilise proactive marketing, sales and methods of inducing increasing levels of recommendations will not only survive, they will thrive.

Marketing, in essence, is about purely marginal gains. The more people you talk to effectively, the more influence you have over your market place, so why, in a hugely busy, competitive and complex world, do we still lack in the most basic and fundamental assets to be as successful as we can be. Why do we have…

  • Websites that deliver poor content, look aesthetically amateurish and have no ranking on search engines?
  • Why do very few websites still have no form of analytics or statistical analysis allowing for studies of visitor numbers? How many company owners have considered reverse IP look up to find out who their visitors are?
  • Why do most websites fail to deliver reviews, testimonials, case studies and the type of third party content which stats consistently tells us is the most visited content?
  • Why do social media channels lay dormant, with very little engagement or activity to speak of?
  • Why don’t businesses keep in continuous communication with clients by delivering email transmissions to existing and prospective clients regularly? They rely on reactive search only, when the world is increasingly communicating differently by gathering recommendations and insight through other channels. Search is important, but you are surrounded by competitors within search results. Driving direct traffic from other channels is much less competitive, and great deal more influential. Why not consider both avenues?
  • Why do businesses still hold very little coherent data on their clients, and have no form of sales management software to monitor client activity?
  • Why do businesses consistently allocate marketing expenditure in places they have been doing so for years, but have no idea of the results being generated?
  • Why do businesses not integrate their marketing activity across multiple channels, continually hitting the same prospects?
  • Why do businesses not integrate their marketing and sales, providing greater insight for their sales teams to be able to gain better results?

There are indeed a lot of questions, and I do find it strange that marketing activity isn’t consistent, and still seen as a separate activity from sales. Marketing and sales are the life blood of all businesses, so being able to maximize opportunity by being creative, consistent and integrated in your approach guarantees results. It is not about settling for the status quo, it is about a continuous development of your marketing activity to build that influence that will generate results. Having a website that doesn’t perform other than to provide some form of presence isn’t good enough for businesses that want to grow and build opportunities, diversify into new products, services and market places. The right assets are hugely important for businesses to be able to develop opportunity as they grow, and nothing in the marketing mix should be overlooked as part of the overall strategy.

As a consultant, my role is to build that opportunity, and very often my activity with a business involves the sales process as well. We look at building marketing and sales assets that will help the business to market itself effectively, then embark on a proactive marketing plan or strategy that will communicate creatively and consistently with the largest target audience, and then look at how the sales team can use this activity to be more effective, open more doors and increase their success rates.

Every business that adopts the type of strategy and looks to continually optimize their marketing, and integrate it perfectly with sales activity will guarantee positive results even when market forces or conditions are difficult or less buoyant.

I may be speaking to the converted, but if you need help to optimise your marketing and sales activity, then please do get in touch!


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