We provide a wide range of marketing consultancy and implementation services, graphic design, web design and development and SEO services, either through their highly talented in house team or equally talented third party partners.

We love the freedom that the honesty of the business we do with both our clients and our partners gives us.

Quite simply put – we give good advice, you act on it, we both benefit.

All of the disciplines we cover are here, if there is something you need that is not, then rest assured we know a man who can and our extensive network of marketing partners are connected to the most amazing people.

Ask us, you never know and we’ll always try to help.




Deffintion of élan:

élan When someone does something with élan, you mean that they do it in an energetic and confident way.




The meaning of orange:

Orange is a colour of adventure which inspires and creates enthusiasm. It is optimistic and sociable and suggests affordability.

Our Team

A highly creative and experienced team of marketing experts

Mark Fiddes
Mark Fiddes
Thirty years in marketing, Mark has come from a branding background working with some major UK and
Logan Harrington
Logan Harrington
Logan has extensive experience in digital marketing, having been the lead social media strategist for major
Louise Abreu-Jones
Louise Abreu-Jones
Louise is a highly experienced and accomplished multi-skilled creative with an abundance of experience in the digital

Core Values & Principles

There are 3 absolute core values that run through everything we do as an agency, a team, a business and as individuals within those environments. Our mission statement provides a taster of this but what follows is what really sets us apart from the rest. Using these principles and values as a beacon to guide our approach, Elan has successfully developed long term, optimised relationships that deliver results and satisfaction time after time.




Integrity in all that we do and working with only the client’s best interests at heart provides a sound and stable base of trust on which long and fruitful marketing relationships can be built, and proven.

Our clients have high expectations of us and we need to earn our worth and value within an organisation, and rightly so. This can only be achieved through systemic and systematic transparency of communications, systems, processes, implementation and reporting.

All of which we have been doing for years. Having spent so many years client side witnessing the lack of agency transparency and honesty first hand, our team know all too well the pitfalls of broken promises, dishonesty, escalating costs and lack of communication from agencies to clients and endeavour to avoid it at all costs.



At Elan, we believe that respect for each other’s skills and expertise are vital to the success of a strong team that flourishes, creating a vibrant highly creative environment.

Recognising and respecting the needs and wishes of the client, as well as the skills and expertise they too can bring to the table, are paramount to our thinking. After all no one knows their business like they do.

The respect we show each other and you as professionals may shine through in any number of ways; many clients say the reason they respect us is because of our speed of response, our willingness to listen or our ability to simply be flexible.

We respect them because they are successful, they have made a serious commitment to marketing their business and they want to work with us to deliver results.



We care about what we do. We care about you. Our philosophy is founded on the fact that we listen carefully to a client’s feedback and implement changes that will allow us to change, grow, improve and enhance our offering.

Caring is the reason we seek consistently to develop and improve ourselves to deliver better results for you. We do this by consistently expanding the boundaries, knowledge and expertise for ourselves and through our partnership network.

We care that we deliver and ultimately you feel you have value for money. Our approach is considered and complete to the last detail; ask many of those who already use us. In caring about what we do, we strive to achieve excellence and pay the greatest attention to detail in all our consultancy and implementation services.

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